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Kimono remake shop with more than 20 craftsmen

Full moon marriage thank your partner

Produce a special wedding at one of the premier tourist attractions in the prefecture

Spin the heart of people

Kimono has been popular as a Japanese traditional costume for celebrations and ceremonies.
By passing from generation to generation, from parents to children and from children to grandchildren, people have spun with joy and feelings with kimono.
However, in recent years, the chance to wear kimono has decreased, and the number of people who release kimono has increased because of the difficulty of management.
By remaking and reusing such kimonos, Kokoro Tsumugi conveys the charm of traditional Japanese kimono culture to customers in Japan as well as overseas customers. And we will help you make memories by spinning the hearts of people.

Full moon marriage

The purpose of full moon marriage varies depending on individuals, such as the day of expressing gratitude to partners and the day of looking back on memories with the people involved. A special day doesn’t become too formal or too strict. We produce it so that you can welcome with a relaxed feeling. Also, we produce a special wedding ceremony at the foremost tourist attractions in the prefecture.

Wedding in japan

You can fully enjoy the unique “Japanese”, while being wrapped in the luxury of Japanese situations and kimono culture.

Anniversary produce

The anniversary varies depending on individuals, such as retirement or receiving medal. And even a small one, we produce a gift that will remain in the hearts of many people. By remaking even one piece of kimono into small items, it’s possible to prepare gift to give to those who participate.


Creating memories by a kimono remake shop

Reliable technical capabilities to shape customer’s feelings

At Kokoro Tsumugi, more than 20 skilled craftsmen with high sewing skills are involved.
With the hope to “make the customer ’s feelings into shape as far as possible”, we squeeze out our wisdom and work together every day.

Craftsmanship with safety in mind

The finished product is inspected using a needle detector. Also, if the finish is insufficient, we may recreate from scratch. Considering safety, we strive to create products that can be used for a long time.

Wedding ceremony and shooting are possible at the foremost tourist attractions in the prefecture.

Kokoro Tsumugi is specially affiliated with the foremost tourist attractions in the prefecture. Therefore, you can have a wedding or shooting at a special location that you can\'t usually experience. Japanese-style kimonos shine well in Japanese-style situations and you can experience Japanese culture well.


Ikedashi Teien

You can have a wedding or take a photo in the garden. From April to November.May change.

Kabazaiku Denshoukan

You can take photos using the courtyard.

Akita Nairiku Jukan Tetudou

A train can be reserved for one vehicle, and weddings and photography can be done.


You can take photos inside the facility.

Rosepark Hotel

With Tazawako in the background, you can have a wedding or take a photo.Open all year.2019 is open until November.

Oga Resort Hotel Kiraraka

With the ocean view in the background, you can have a wedding or take a photo.

Mahobaro Karamatsu Nougakuden

This is the only facility in Akita Prefecture that can be used for weddings and photography.Open from 9:00 to Close16: 30 / Open from April to November


You can wear a costume and ride a rickshaw. You can also take a photo.

Friendship Waterfall

You can take a picture against the background of Akita's nature.

Prefectural Park

You can take a photo in the prefectural